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Groundhog capture Laurentians

If a groundhog has taken up residence in your home, count on us to get rid of it. We capture groundhogs and other wild animals in Lanaudière, Les Laurentides and Hautes Laurentides.

Capture and Relocation of Groundhogs in Laurentides

We take care to capture groundhogs and relocate them in the wild. When it is a young family, we make sure to capture the mother and her babies and move them with the family.

By calling on our specialist company, you can be sure that the wild animal and its little family, if any, will be relocated to their natural habitat, away from your home.

We can also advise you on what to do to ensure that you never have to deal with a groundhog invasion again.

We use humane and effective groundhog capture techniques in Laurentides.

Groundhog capture Laurentians
Our Services
  • Raccoon capture and relocation
  • Skunk capture and relocation
  • Groundhogs capture and relocation
  • Squirrel capture and relocation
  • Capture of beavers, rats and mice
Our Main Assets
  • Exceptional service
  • Professionalism
  • Reputation
We Serve
  • Lanaudière
  • Upper Laurentides
  • The Laurentides
  • Laval
  • Montreal

Safe and Professional Groundhog Capture in Laurentides

Have you detected the presence of groundhogs in your yard or in your garden?

Let us chase them off your property for good. We capture wild animals such as groundhogs, squirrels, and raccoons in a safe and professional manner.

We use the appropriate method of capture and relocation, and we offer total discretion. We serve Lanaudière, the Laurentians and the Hautes Laurentides.

Discrete groundhog capture in Laurentians.

Groundhog capture Saint-Jérôme