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Squirrel capture Laurentians

Looking for a squirrel capture specialist in Lanaudiere? Contact Wabo le Trappeur.

Humane Squirrel Capture in the Laurentians

We specialize in the capture and relocation of different species of squirrels. We take great care to relocate the entire family if necessary.

We use humane capture techniques both inside and outside the home.

We serve several cities such as Lanaudière, Les Laurentides and Hautes Laurentides.

We use gentle techniques to capture squirrels in Laurentides.

Squirrel capture Laval
Our Services
  • Raccoon capture and relocation
  • Skunk capture and relocation
  • Groundhogs capture and relocation
  • Squirrel capture and relocation
  • Capture of beavers, rats and mice
Our Main Assets
  • Exceptional service
  • Professionalism
  • Reputation
We Serve
  • Lanaudière
  • Upper Laurentides
  • The Laurentides
  • Laval
  • Montreal

Capture and Relocation of Squirrels in Laurentides

As adorable as they are, squirrels are not harmless. They can cause a lot of damage and contaminate your home with their droppings.

They can also carry rabies, which is why you should not delay in contacting us. We take care of capturing squirrels and relocating them. We also intervene for the capture of beavers.

Capture and reintegration of squirrels in natural environment in Laurentides

Squirrel capture Saint-Jérôme