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Skunk capture Laurentians

Our company captures wild animals such as skunks. We serve Lanaudiere and the surroundings.

Skunk Capture in Laurentides

Skunks live under sheds and flat patios, to feel safe when giving birth. They gorge themselves on the grubs in the grass, leaving holes about an inch deep. 

Just like with raccoons and groundhogs, we make sure to dislodge the whole little family and put them back in the wild all together.  

Never try to dislodge a skunk without knowing if it has had young. They could be deprived of their mother and die of hunger or cold.

We capture wild animals such as skunks at Laurentides.

Skunks capture Laval
Our Services
  • Raccoon capture and relocation
  • Skunk capture and relocation
  • Groundhogs capture and relocation
  • Squirrel capture and relocation
  • Capture of beavers, rats and mice
Our Main Assets
  • Exceptional service
  • Professionalism
  • Reputation
We Serve
  • Lanaudière
  • Upper Laurentides
  • The Laurentides
  • Laval
  • Montreal

Recognized Skunk Catchers in Laurentides

Skunks can be a danger to you and your home. That's why it's always best to call on professional services.

Our expertise is recognized in the Laurentians and surrounding areas, including Lanaudière, Hautes Laurentides and Les Laurentides.

If you have to deal with groundhogs or squirrels, contact us. Our mission consists of identifying all the invaded places, evaluating the damages and offering an appropriate capture method.

We remain discreet when capturing skunks in Laurentides.

Skunks capture Terrebonne